Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home..

Alex and I just got back from arguably the best trip ever!  We went with six other couples to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta.  Alex and I left work a little early on Friday to go watch my family run a half marathon in Cedar City.  We had a slumber party at Eric and April's beautiful home Saturday night and then woke up early Sunday to drive to Long Beach.  I have never enjoyed a six hour drive so much in my whole life!  April's suitcase, aka "The Coug", sat with Alex and I in the back seat because Alex and I packed a little heavy!  This could possibly be the most hideous piece of luggage I have seen! 
Once we arrived in Long Beach, Carnival Cruise announced that we wouldn't be stopping in Mazatlan and that we would just spend two days in Cabo and one day in Puerta Vallarta. 
This is everybody prior to getting aboard the cruise ship!
I was so excited when I first laid eyes on the Splendor!  I couldn't even fathom how huge it really was!
I have so much to say about this cruise but words can't quite explain it.  I will post some pictures for now with brief descriptions to give you an idea of how wonderful it was!
We took a boat ride around Cabo and spent the day on Lover's Beach.

I'm a little sad because we did a zip line in Puerta Viarda and my camera died so I will post some pictures of the zip line a little bit later.
I would say that dinner time with all 14 of us together was the highlight of my trip.  It was fun to get together and discuss what had happened that day.  Dinner time was always when we laughed the hardest...great memories were made!
April, Bree, and Kels.

Dustin, Todd, and Alex.
The captain's dinner.
There's nothing like a little pizza and soft served ice cream at midnight! 
Many of our hidden talents came out on this are a few..
This is poor Dustin's only talent.
As the cruise came to an end we headed to LAX to catch a flight home.  Kaley's dad is a flight attendant and was kind enough to let us use his buddy passes.  We arrived at the airport at 11:00 am and thought that we would for sure get on the first flight home but we didn't.  We didn't even get onto the next four flights!  If you have ever flown stand by you know what I'm talking about.  We ended up sleeping in the airport and got up at 3:30am to shuttle to John Wayne airport.  I'm pretty sure that LAX doesn't heat the building or vacuum their carpet.  It was the longest night of my whole life.  I thought that we would never make it home! 
This trip was an experience of a lifetime and an absolute blast!  I'm so happy that all of our best friends could make arrangements to go because everybody is getting so busy! 

We had to sleep with Alex' t-shirts over cold.