Thursday, August 11, 2011

Here, There, Everywhere..

Just a couple of things that are happening here, there, and everywhere in the Sandoval's life.  Alex played great in his first tennis tournament!  He didn't win gold but he played great and had a lot of fun.  He played a little conservative and nervous which caused him to hold back a little bit.  It's ok because he got the first time jitters out and will be back for some sweet revenge!  Thank you everybody for coming out and supporting him. 
Last week we finished our finals...good thing because statistics was about to kill me.  Alex is meeting with a graduation counselor this week. YAY!  Since we have two precious weeks away from school, we are headed to St. George to hang and play some tennis!  On the way home we will stop at my sisters to spend some time with her family!  Stay tuned!