Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was an absolute blast this year!  Christmas Eve we went to breakfast down town at the Market Street Grill with Alex' family.  After breakfast we met the Zollinger's up Big Cottonwood Canyon for a little snow shoeing!  It was Alex' first time snow shoeing so he was a little sceptical about it but it turns out that he had a blast!  We had so much fun with our families and not being at Rescue Alert! 
We woke up early and had our own little Christmas.  Alex got another pair of Jordan's and some other shoes and I got some awesome hair products and clothes. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Be Fri...

So this is my best friend and big sister Stephanie.  Since she is my best friend I'm entitled to bragging rights so here I go. Stephanie just finished her first semester of pharmacy school this week.  Stephanie is pretty much the person that I look up to the most in my life right now because she is so hard working in everything that she does including school.  She is the best example of dedication and hard work.  She moved to Laramie fall 2010 to start one of biggest challenges school.  So many times Stephanie would call the family overwhelmed with the classes that she was taking which included:  Pharmacy Calculations, Dose Form Design/lab, Integrated Physiology, and Bio Chemistry/Seminar.  Oh, I forgot one..on top of that load of classes she decided to take Spanish!  Through all of the hard times and a few discouraging test scores SHE DID IT!  She passed all of her classes with amazing grades!  I look up to Stephanie for finished up the semester strong because most people, including me, probably would have rolled over and died at the start.  Wait, I would never make it to pharmacy school to start out with. 
Steph, we are all so proud of you and love you!  Good luck as you continue the journey through pharmacy school and keep up the good work!  You know what you are capable of now so don't ever say that you can't do it again!

Friday, December 3, 2010


                                                                               Do these pictures say enough?  In only 85 short days we will be on the Splendor Cruise ship with 12 of our best friends.  Mexico here we come!

Go Utes?

I need to take minute to vent.  Do you ever have those days when you ask yourself, "Am I ever going to graduate?"  Well, thanks to the University of Utah's Exercise Science department I have been asking myself that all week.  I know I shouldn't blame them but I do because I hate them.  Alex has such a positive out look on school and he is doing so good!  He is majoring in Business Finance and is going to be done before we know it! 
From this day forward, I BreeAnn Sandoval am going to be more like my perfect husband...I am going to suck it up, stop complaining, and start loving the University of Utah.  Go Utes!