Thursday, September 22, 2011

Such A Slacker!

Last week I was at book club and all of my friends told me that I've been slacking on my blog.  Ladies this post is for you.
So much has been going on in the Sandoval's life so get ready for the longest blog post.
Alex and Eric played in a tennis tournament in Park City a couple of weeks ago.  I wish with all my heart that they lived closer because we have such a riot with them.  Love you guys.  We ate at Dairy Keen, shopped at the outlets and had a slumber party. 

I won't lie, it was hardest race I've ever done.  It's so unbelievably hard to climb 500 feet in 6.2 miles on three hours of sleep.  I would say every one had a pretty vicious hill/mountain to run so good job team!  The Dirty Dozen's final time was about 31 hours.  Good job team.  Love you guys.
I was lucky to have my little sister and dad run the race with me.  My dad is a monster of an athlete.  He runs a solid 8 minute mile and is in imaculate shape.  Andrea trained really hard for this race and did so good!  Love you guys.

The Dirty Dozen at the finish.
Tyson, Car, Eric, April, Todd, Kels, Mark Z, Andrea Z, Alex, BreeAnn, Spencer Love and Abby.
Love you guys.
I will be posting more pictures of the RRR so stayed tuned!

After the RRR Alex and I have stayed pretty busy in school.  We are in the process of moving out of Allegro at Corner Canyon.  Alex is playing the Cottonwood Adult Classic Tennis Tournament this week.  He won his first match Monday night and is playing in the semi finals Friday night.  I have a hunch that he's going to rock this whole thing!